ODA Collection

ODA Collection is an extensive archive of designed daily use items from 20th century, collected by a chair collector / researcher Noritsugu Oda. It is one of the largest collection of designed items in terms of both quality and quantity, that can only be found in a design museum. His devotion to the collection and his researches are widely accalimed in the world.

Noritsugu Oda Born in Kochi Prefecture, Noritsugu Oda graduated from Osaka University of Arts, and started his career as a designer at the advertising section of Takashimaya before becoming a freelance graphic designer / illustrator. In 1994, he started teaching at the Tokai University in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, where he was also appointed as the chairman of the Cultural Institute of Northern Region. In 2015, he retired from the university and became a culture & arts coordinator for Higashikawa Town. He has been awarded for 26 advertising awards, was given Denmark Furniture Awards in 1997, and 1st Hans J Wegner Award in 2015. He became a honorable board member of the Finn Juhl Association in 2012. He has authored "Hans J. Wegner's 100 Chairs", "Danish Chairs", "Finn Juhl - the world of Finn Juhl", and "200 Chairs".